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“At first they laughed. They couldn’t help it. Before 2002, fancy horse tack consisted of engraved silver conchos, metal lacing, horse hair tassels and rawhide braiding. When the first “crystal conchos” showed up on a bridle at the local barrel race that year, people didn’t quite know how to respond. The idea seemed pretty absurd, yet it was so flashy and fun that people just couldn’t stop staring! By the end of the day they were already getting on board with the brazen new look. Laughs had turned into requests for orders, and the bling tack craze had begun.

“We quickly gained a reputation not only for beautiful designs, but for durability and uncompromising quality that set our products apart from other manufacturers. Constantly improving and evolving our processes and materials to ensure we produce only the highest quality products is the Heritage Brand benchmark. These principles helped to solidify our reputation and propel the growth of the business into a global presence within just a few short years.

“The Heritage Brand tack trademark has always been to create items unique to each individual customer, and that still holds true today. Every order is hand-crafted to individual customer’s specifications; from the leather color down to the layout of each crystal and concho, each detail is exclusive to that order. This element is our signature strength and the passion of our business.

“Over the years the obsession has grown, and the designs have as well. Heritage Brand designs remain at the forefront of the industry, as our designers relentlessly pursue fresh new looks, with an emphasis on creating products with an enduring style that will continue to appeal for years to come. We are proud of our unyielding conviction for creating only original designs, and have acquiesced to being the standard many companies continue to emulate.

“Heritage Brand remains family-owned and operated, with each item hand-crafted in our charming Bend, Oregon work shop.

“Our mission is to be an innovative, leading edge company that is devoted to providing customers with the most fashion-forward, original and high quality leather products on the market today. -Jessica, Founder 2002

Red is a power color!

That bright white will look so flashy on your darker colored horses!

Look how intricate those sunflowers are!

And you just thought Heritage Brand Tack had already impressed you! All the heart eyes for this gorgeous breastcollar!

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