Cowgirl's dream job
Photo courtesy of Karla Sanchez on Facebook……

A dream job for a cowgirl is most likely to include horses, cattle, and wide-open spaces. Today, there is no doubt that jobs like these are hard to come by. But attention all girl bosses: ever given a brand inspector much thought?

Karla Sanchez is a certified brand inspector for the Santa Barbara County in California. Check out her view from the office…that is, in the saddle and overlooking the ocean!

Photo courtesy of Karla Sanchez on Facebook

Would you even call that work?!

She says, “It doesn’t get any prettier than this…I love my job.”

Photo courtesy of Karla Sanchez on Facebook

Life as a brand inspector seems pretty great!

Photo courtesy of Dale Miller of Miller Photography

Traveling from coastal ranch to ranch isn’t the only thing this cowgirl is able to enjoy. Sanchez is also a professional barrel racer and head college rodeo coach.

Photo courtesy of Karla Sanchez on Facebook

Some days on the job look like snuggling calves!

Her passion for agriculture and fostering the Western lifestyle is endless. Check out the Instagram she uses to keep California Western!

You can follow along her days at work…

Get ahold of the gritty hashtags!

Sanchez also features cool history behind the ranches she travels to for inspecting…

What a great way to showcase the Western lifestyle, let alone, her job and passions!

The day and the life of a brand inspector looks glorious and this job is still in demand. Many cowgirls already have what it takes to become a brand inspector with their experience around livestock. This is half the battle!

Beyond this, brand inspectors have excellent communication skills and knowledge about government livestock policies.

For all you girl bosses…are you ready to become a cattle boss too?!