For those of us who live the cowboy lifestyle, we’re quick to notice if a Western film isn’t accurate. Whether it be the clothing, horse tack, or props, it’s easy for a working cowboy or cowgirl to notice errors, whether they’re significant or small.

Thankfully, there are several Westerns that went above and beyond when it came to maintaining historical accuracy. Here are 5 of the most historically accurate Western films.

  1. CimarronNo expense was spared in creating the sprawling Western town in Cimarron. The town gives viewers a real sense of what it was like to live in the Old West.
  2. Brigham YoungThis Western flick had the advantage of being filmed in 1940 when it was still possible to easily access authentic props, clothes, and wagons. The quality of Brigham Young is so incredible that some people actually believe that the still shots from the movie are old historical photos.
  3. The Covered Wagon: Many directors have tried to recreate the realness of The Covered Wagon, but have failed to do so. This was the first Western that ever portrayed important historical events, and it did so without any special effects.
  4. The Culpepper Cattle Co.Many movies shy away from the reality of the aftermath of war, but The Culpepper Cattle Co. does a fantastic job at portraying what life after the Civil war was like.
  5. The Iron HorseThis silent film used expansive backgrounds to realistically show what the landscape would have looked like during the time period the movie is set in.