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Left photo courtesy of @TheBrandedVaquero on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of WestArrowTradingPost…

Even though traveling has slowed way down this year, you should still travel fashionably. I’m sure everyone misses traveling, but I have very high hopes that it will pick back up in 2021. I can’t be the only one who misses going to rodeos! Here are some cute travel bags that are anything but basic!

Photo courtesy of WestArrowTradingPost on Etsy

Any Southwestern print is sure to turn heads!

Photo courtesy of BohoRanchBoutique on Etsy

Add cowhide to anything and it’s at least 10 times better. Fact.

Vintage is never a bad idea!

Hear me out here, fanny packs can be cute. I mean, check this one out and try to tell me differently!

Retro cowgirls for the fashion-forward modern cowgirl!

Aztec print on a matching set? Yes please!

One of these days we can get excited about going on vacation or hitting the road. Until then, we can just dream about how much fun we’re going to have!