Photo by Kirstie Marie Photography.……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

Show chaps just got better. Hobby Horse Clothing Company created chaps with zip-in, interchangeable fringe. Behind the chaps’ black fringe is a hidden zipper where colorful fringe can be added.

Zip-in Fringe, $69.98.

Hobby Horse sells fringe for the chaps in a variety of colors to match any show outfit, including garnet, green, purple, royal blue, and latte, a caramel brown.

Zip-in Fringe Chaps, $479.98; Zip-in Fringe in Garnet, $69.98. Photo by Kirstie Marie Photography.

For the best fit possible, Hobby Horse even carries stretch elastic chap inserts that zip right in!

Stretch Elastic Chap Inserts, $72.98.
Whether you show horses on the reg or stick to ranching, adding fringe is the perfect way to take any outfit from drab to fab!