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Cowgirl Hotlist

  With many holiday parties taking over our calendars, it’s tough to keep things fresh. For example, wearing the same hairstyle to each party may start to wear on you. We’re here to help you liven up your hair game with these holiday hair tutorials that any cowgirl could do! These ‘dos are fun, gorgeous and festive! Holiday Updo Photo courtesy of Hair Silver In a time crunch? If all you have time for is throwing on that sequin-clad dress and your favorite cowgirl boots, then this updo is sure to keep you on time! It takes less than five minutes, but looks like a professional did it. Bouffant Hairdo Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed You know the saying, “The higher the hair, the closer to God”? Well, this is where you can embrace that saying with this Brigitte Bardot Bouffant. Voluminous Ponytail Photo courtesy of The Beauty Department This curly ponytail full of bounce is easier to achieve than it looks. It’s the perfect way to keep your mane in check while still having a festive (and gorgeous) holiday hairstyle.