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Holm Made Macrame was founded in Bryce Canyon, UT by 23 year old Artist, Angela Holm.

“Angela grew up in Mexico and is currently living in Bryce Canyon with her husband Scout and 2 little kids, Zakkri and Vienna.

“Angela taught herself how to Macrame in 2017 and fell in love with the art.

“Growing up, I was always my mother’s most crafty daughter! I loved to sew, crochet, paint and do all sorts of creative things! After I got married, I wanted to have some kind of hobby (or my own business) and something that I just loved to do during my free time (since I am a stay at home mother as well). However, I didn’t want to rush into anything and end up not loving it. In 2017, I was on Pinterest and caught eyes on a Macrame wall hanging which I thought looked amazing! I would have bought one on the spot if I wasn’t living in a rented apartment that was already decorated. I thought it would be so fun to make one, but I honestly didn’t think I could do it. I actually taught myself the basic Macrame knots and the first thing I made was a plant hanger! I had so much fun making it and decided to purchase some more quality rope and made my first wall hanging!”

“She decided to and share her love for Macrame with others by making her own website, supplying only the highest quality 100% cotton cord and offering free tutorials on her YouTube channel so you too can make your own macrame!

“Every macrame product on this website is hand made with love and positivity in hopes to bring these vibes to your home.

“To see all her works in progress follow Angela on Instagram @holmmademacrame!” -HolmMade Macrame

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