Turquoise Laredo Mocs – $125

Fall footwear just puts a smile on my face. Boots and mocs are starting to pop up in my social media feeds and I’m tickled pink about it!

None are quite as original as Holy Cow Couture’s new line of handmade moccasins though. These hand crafted beauties are fringy, southwestern and are calling to me with their easy/comfy overall look. If you’re into the designer stuff, they’ve got an exclusive designer moc for you and if you’re heart is serape colored, they’ve got several variations of serape mocs too; ranging from bright pinks to rustic browns!

I’m so in love with this line and I think this is going to be one of the most sought after shoe brands this fall, so get’em while their hot! You can pre-order your own pair at www.holycowcouture.com, or visit their booth at the NFR in Las Vegas this December!