“The Pitmaster”


 1 Bun

1/4 lb smoked brisket (sliced)

1/4 lb pulled pork

1/3 link of sausage (sliced)

1/4 cup coleslaw

3-4 slices of fresh jalapeño

BBQ Sauce


Toast buns and begin building sandwich. Start with sliced brisket, add pulled pork and sliced sausage. Ladle BBQ sauce on meat and top with coleslaw and sliced fresh jalapeño. Get a few napkins and a fork. You’ll need them!

It all started when Justin and Diane Fourton ditched their corporate jobs—and the weekly travel that came with them—so they could spend more time as a family.  They weren’t out to set the world on fire, just some mesquite wood plus a little oak. But one mouthwatering bite of brisket led to another, and before they knew it, the juicy secret about Pecan Lodge was out. Folks began to serve up heaping portions of praise, and soon after, lines started to form at what Texas Monthly called “One of the Top 4 BBQ joints in the world.”

“It’s not easy work, but we love what we’re doing,” say the dynamic duo, who believe there are no shortcuts to doing it right. 

Their BBQ pit burns twenty-four hours a day, fueled by nothing but wood and passion.  They grind and stuff their own sausage.  Anything they can make from scratch, they make from scratch–including  their savory Southern Fried Chicken, Aunt Polly’s banana pudding, Mac n’ Cheese,  and collard greens.

You’ll find Pecan Lodge near downtown Dallas in a section called Deep Ellum, where Main Street meets Pryor, and good old-fashioned elbow grease meets smoked perfection.