Cowgirl - Folk Project

Have you ever seen one piece of furniture that made your heart thump and inspired you to daydream about re-decorating the whole damn house? I fell victim to that feeling when I ran across Folk Project’s work on Instagram. Come on. Really, what did you expect? Putting serape, huipil textiles and ikat fabrics on one piece of furniture is basically unfair to all the other furniture. Which I now hold to a lower, uglier standard. ;p

Any of Folk Project’s pieces would be a major statement piece in your home. Most pieces are super funky, but they’ve got a southwestern vibe to them, as well. When you purchase Folk Project pieces, not only are you supporting one artist, but you are supporting the creative work of the indigenous women who create these beautifully detailed huipil textiles.

As if you needed more convincing. 🙂

Frida Ikat Chair