Photo by Kirsten Robinson.……

It’s such a huge misconception that home decor isn’t within everyone’s budget. Yes, some people are willing to spend more on things that are more or less on display. However, there are ways to accomplish similar end results without shopping at the department store. 

One of my personal favorite spots to shop is the antique shop. And I’m not talking about the kind that you walk into, immediately feel overwhelmed and see more angel figurines than most people have seen in their entire life. I mean a good ol’ vintage and repurposed furniture store. A place where old items find new life. These items might come in the form of perfectly patinated gardening tools or even rough old boards from a building that only exists in memories. Whether the antique shop that you visit is more rustic or industrial, there are most definitely hidden treasures within. The key is being patient and willing to make several laps around the store. 

Photo by Kirsten Robinson.

While everyone’s tastes are different, I personally like to look for at least one antique book in each shop that I visit. Typically the vendors within a shop will each have their own theme to their particular booth. I have been lucky enough to stumble across several booths with the western and ranching theme. Nothing can spruce up an empty spot in your house like an old piece of tack or a vintage western novel. Honestly I even go for the old dented and rusted tool boxes; especially when they come in a fun unique color. Displaying an old toolbox filled with wooden bed garland and pheasant feathers is just about the easiest “DIY” home decor project. 

Want to give your home a little extra ranchy flare? Search around for some old bookends. I don’t know why, but I have found an obscene amount of bookends that are either cattle or horses. Then grab 6-8 antique books, but make sure they’re real old! Like yellowed pages and broken binding old. Find a spot in your home that needs some assistance and set up your bookends. Turn the books so that the binding is against the wall or shelf you are displaying against. The different shades and textures of the pages will bring interest to your space, while keeping it raw and natural, which is key in any ranch home. Plus the roughest looking books are always the cheapest! So what’s the real takeaway from all this? Old things can really help liven up a new space.