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Western retailer Home Folk encourages women to be fearlessly authentic, unashamed, and empowered by their dreams.

Started back in 2017 by Missouri cowgirl Emilee Gettle, Home Folk is, at heart, a passion project. Home Folk was born out of Emilee’s deep love for the western industry and desire to support women around the world.

Owner and Founder Emilee Gettle.

The brand’s three key executives are all women: Owner Emilee Gettle, Photographer and Brand & Web Development Manager Kaylee Ver Vynck of KayleeLynn Creatives, and Social Media & Brand Ambassador Manager and Photographer Presley Gray. Emily grew up just miles from her grandparents’ farm, while Kaylee and Presley both spent their youth on ranches. This is a cowgirl-run company through and through.

Being women owned and operated, women’s empowerment is more than just a passion for Home Folk—they’re taking action. A portion of every purchase gives back to charities that support women and children to chase their dreams. “We donate products to crisis pregnancy centers, women’s centers, and send monetary donations to a variety of charities,” says Emilee, Home Folk Owner. “A recent project we are supporting is the Women’s Transformational Center in Zambia. The center will offer vocational training, childcare, business training, literacy education, and maternal/child health support.”

Actively supporting women across the world, Home Folk is an American brand with a global mission. When adding some flawless turquoise or a pair of show-stopping boots to your closet, there is good being done for more than just your wardrobe.

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