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If you’re a Texan, you know exactly how important a homecoming mum is and are well aware that it’s all about the bigger the better. If you’re from outside the Lone Star State, it’s quite possible you’ve never even heard of this time-honored tradition!

What is a homecoming mum and where did it come from?

Chrysanthemum flowers are typically blooming in the fall, a.k.a. football season. Back in 1950’s Texas, high school boys would have a single bloom adorned with a few ribbons and give it to his intended sweetheart to wear to the homecoming festivities.

How has this tradition grown over time?

The popularity of the mum grew and spread to few other southern states but still remains the most popular in Texas. Mums became more and more intricate and grew in size over the years as well as favoring fake flowers.

Are mums still around today?

The tradition of mums is absolutely alive and well and better than ever today! They are absolutely HUGE and some even have lights and sounds!