Courtesy Hooey Brands.……

The shortage of face masks in relation to COVID-19 has not gone unnoticed by Hooey. On April 9th, the company announced that its Texas-based factories would be transitioning from production of hats to production of cloth face masks.

Profits from the Hooey face masks will be used to generate additional COVID-19-related product with intent to be donated.

“Like everyone else, we’ve been searching for a way to contribute,” says  Hooey Brands Founder and President Joey Austin. “Converting the factory to produce cloth face masks is our way to help our employees help the country. In these unprecedented times, we’re best served when we’re creative and stay positive.”

Courtesy Hooey Brands.

Hooey plans to donate masks to first responders and healthcare systems, and will have them available to the public for purchase. They plan to have masks available in the next two weeks.

Face mask fabric will be garnered from Hooey t-shirts, while straps and seams for the masks will come from cap components. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle!

Customers will be able to purchase masks at, and medical facilities can contact to request donations.