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Have you heard? The new Hooey Perfume is where it’s at!

Shaley Ham, a.k.a. @westdesperado on Instagram, has partnered with Hooey to bring you your new favorite fragrance!

“When Joey and Lauren of Hooey approached me about the idea of collaborating on a women’s fragrance, I instantly knew it was a match made in Heaven. The Hooey team have become close friends of mine thanks to frequent visits to Dallas Apparel Market and the NFR. It was comforting to know that they trusted my input in developing all aspects of the fragrance, as well as my influence within the western industry to promote Hooey Brand as a whole. I’m excited for the fragrance to reach the consumers this spring, because this scent is one that will resonate with cowgirls from all walks of life.” -Shaley Ham, West Desperado

“Soon after we started seeing success with the men’s cologne, retailers began asking us to create a women’s fragrance. I immediately thought of Shaley. She’s a friend and obviously has a great instinct for style and quality. I knew her input on creating this scent would be invaluable plus she’s always so fun to work with. I love the way it turned out and so far sales have been phenomenal!” – Co-owner and Chief Product Officer for Hooey Brands.

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