"Cowgirl Magazine" - Hoof Boots

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Hoof Boots

Hoof boots fit onto the hooves of barefoot horses. Much like hiking boots for people, these protective shoes help your horse avoid chips and cracks when out in the arena or on the trail. They are great for tender feet or those who just lost a shoe. With many styles on the market, you have your choice of fit, color, material, and fastening device. Check out a few made by Cavallo.

Entry Level Hoof Boot, $59.95; Cavallo

With the weather changing and trail riding just around the corner, the entry level boot is an affordable and easy to use option. You might want to keep a spare around for any horse that loses a shoe.

Trek Hoof Boot, $89.95; Cavallo

Flexible and durable! There’s a simple to measure system that helps you get the perfect fit.

Simple Hoof Boot, $129.95; Cavallo

Don’t you love the red color? It comes in a few other colors too. It’s known as the multi-purpose boot because it can be used on the trails, when trailering, breeding, or dealing with a hoof injury.

Hoof boots are a great idea for those looking to make their horse more comfortable on the trails without the farrier adding shoes. They’re easy to slip on and take off afterwards. The perfect solution!