This zebra print is sure to be a hit at the barn.

What cowgirl doesn’t want to add a splash of color to her horse? With Hoofies you can! They’re easy to apply and even simpler to remove. It can be a lot of fun dressing your horse up in glitter, bright colors, or even patterns. You won’t believe the selection!

The owners of Hoofies, Becky Attales and Terry Whitman, created the product after seeing the damage done by regular hoof glitter and color additives. Unlike others, Hoofies don’t leave behind nasty residue. Another plus, is that they can be used for 8 to 12 hours at a time. That’s perfect for a show, parade, special trail ride, or photo shoot.

Hoofies Hoof Decal, Starting at $15.00; Horse Hoofies

In addition to looking great, they’re easy to apply. Start with a nice clean hoof wall. You can wipe the hoof with a damp cloth to get any dust off. Next, peel off the backing and line up the word “Hoofies” with the center of the leg at the hairline. You’ll want to push down and rub toward the heel. Lastly, apply pressure all over to get an even slick.

Easy application!

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