Every horse owner should know what a good hoof trimming looks like. It is your responsibility to make sure your farrier is knowledgeable and doing their job correctly. Poor trims can leave your horse sore and even cause long-term damage over time. Make sure you have a basic understanding of how a balanced, healthy hoof should appear.

Your farrier needs a few basic supplies. Minimally, they should include:

  • Nippers
  • Rasp
  • Hoof knife

Some farriers will use gloves, leather chaps, and a hoof stand.

Furthermore, both you and your farrier should know the different parts of the hoof.

  • Wall: the outer edge
  • Frog: v-shaped area at heel
  • Sole: flat section inside the wall
  • Collateral Sulcus: grooves on the outer section of the frog
  • Central Sulcus: indentation in the center of the frog

Now that you know the basic parts of the hoof and what supplies are necessary, it’s time to see how the trimming is done. Watch this video for a tutorial on how farrier’s trim horse hooves.

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