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I don’t know about you, but I always feel so sassy and confident when I’m wearing a pair of hoop earrings. What makes it even better is if they have turquoise on them, because you can NEVER have too much turquoise! Check out these hoops that will make you feel like the ultimate boss babe!

Turquoise and silver are such an iconic duo. The opal accents add a unique touch!

These River Hoops are stunning! I absolutely love how big the stones are.

The twisted silver spices up the typical hoop!

Yeah, turquoise definitely makes everything better!

These crescent moon shaped hoops with lavender turquoise are so unique!

The silver hoops complement the colorful stones perfectly!

Loving the engraving on these flat hoops! Oh, and loving the turquoise too!

These natural-looking turquoise hoops are sure to make a statement!

Peace, Love, and Hoop earrings. That’s the saying, right?

Looking for more unique earrings? You can never go wrong with more turquoise!