The innovative line of RidersRasp was designed to keep hooves looking their best between farrier visits. Certified Journeyman Farrier W.J. Tomlinson patented the creation. He intended for his invention to be much more user-friendly compared to a conventional rasp. If you’ve been plagued by chips or jagged edges in-between visits, this might be the perfect solution for you.

The RaspNGo gives horse owners a flat rasp, but with an ergonomic handle. It is easy to use with one hand. It allows for hooves to stay balanced in-between trims. The reversible design provides a medium and coarse side.
The replacement blades come in a two pack for $25.51. The RaspNGo is easy to change with no major tools needed.
Perfect for the grooming box, the Original RidersRasp is a nice go-to tool. It helps to stop cracks and remove flares, while saving money till your next farrier’s visit. It fits all hands and has a comfortable no-slip grip. Blades round the hoof wall, rather than remove it.

RidersRasp Trail has a similar design to the original, but has medium-coarse blades that are not removable. It is safe and easy to use for the average horse owner. Trail riders will enjoy its convenience on longer rides when their horse may chip his hoof on a rock or log.
Gone are the days of dread when your horse chips his hoof. The RidersRasp is so easy to use that you’ll have your horse’s hooves looking their best in minutes.