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Most equestrians are familiar with the horse hub known as Lexington. It’s the second largest city in Kentucky! This city offers horse racing, eventing, trail riding, and many other disciplines. It has a beautiful horse park and farms with lush bluegrass. It’s quite picturesque!

Planning Your Trip to Lexington

  1. Kentucky Horse Park: No visit would be complete without a trip to the KHP. Over 500,000 visitors come each year! You can enjoy the live shows and walk through history with their many museums. From the mounted police horse barn to the countless park memorials, there’s so much to see!
  2. Attend Derby Week: Held May 2 through May 9, 2022, Derby Week is filled with lots of exciting events. You can take tours throughout the area and see some of the most gorgeous horse farms in Lexington.
  3. Keeneland: Watch a live horse race at Keeneland! Place a bet on your favorite horse and join the crowd in cheering them on.
  4. Trail Ride: There are many stables that offer guided trail rides in the area. You can take in the rolling hills and flowering meadows of central Kentucky on horseback. Big Red Stables is a great place to check out!
  5. Shaker Village: Bring your own horse and board them overnight at the stable in Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. They have 3,000 acres to discover! You’ll even find an obstacle course to tackle. The rest of your family will also enjoy this unique, historical attraction.

Every horse lover must visit Lexington at least once in their lifetime! It’s a place like no other.