Cowgirl - Alfalfa

Most horses absolutely love alfalfa hay. It doesn’t take much convincing to get them to eat this rich green forage. On the other hand, many owners have their reservations about feeding it.

When fed correctly, alfalfa can supply a good amount of nutrition to your horse. Like any new food, it must be introduced slowly and cautiously. Check out these top reasons why you should add alfalfa to your horse’s diet.

  • Alfalfa is often easier to digest. Horses have very sensitive digestion tracts and it’s important to work with them, rather than against. After colic surgery, many vets will even suggest small meals of this good-quality forage.
  • Broodmares need the extra calories and calcium. They are usually fed it during and after pregnancy to keep up good nutrition.
  • Young, growing horses will appreciate alfalfa. It is much more digestible for their developing systems and can help avoid a hay belly.
  • Those in heavy work will benefit from the extra calories, as well. This forage has nearly 20% to 25% more calories than your typical grass hay.
  • It is known as a high protein food. It can range from 13% to 21% protein, depending on when it was cut.
  • There’s lots of options: cubes, pellets, or hay. It can usually be purchased at feed stores in cubed or pellet form.

Alfalfa is an excellent source of nutrition for a range of horses. It promotes good health and is relatively easy to get ahold of. Your horse will be glad you considered it!

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