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Many horse lovers share their passion for these beautiful animals through their artwork. From colored pencils to paint, there are so many different ways to capture the magnificence of horses. Allow these artists to inspire you with their creativity!

A striking painting of a cowboy and his ranch horses in the snow. It definitely gets you in the spirit for winter!

This simple charcoal drawing of a horse grazing is so lovely. The shading is amazing. It brings life to this artwork!

This artist choose colored pencils to depict this horse’s face. I love the alert look and the flowing mane.

This horse artwork is exceptional! It’s pretty neat watching the artist color in the face hair. You can see the picture come together! It’s so realistic.

Wow! This artist created a work of art on their iPad. It’s amazing how detailed they were able to get.

Find more cool examples on Instagram at #horseartwork!

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