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Photo by: Laake……

Who doesn’t love planning their dream barn! On every wish list should be stalls with individual runs. How practical and clever this design concept is! Your horse can come in and out as they choose.

Check out these impressive stall runs!

How charming is this barn! There are stalls on both sides that open to little paddocks.

Photo by: DC Builders

These runs have a large overhang to keep rain away from the stall doors. That’s a must!

This design idea allows the horses to see each other, but keeps injuries from a bite or kick at a minimum.

And lastly, this barn has the individual runs leading to a larger pasture. That makes your life easier! You can open the gates and turn out your horses without ever grabbing a lead rope.

Most barns use these little runs when the weather is wet or nasty. They act as small dry lots, which allows your horse to get outside no matter what the weather is doing.