Horse bit throw pillow. Photo courtesy via Pinterest. ……

Old tack, new purpose! Turn your recycled horse bits in to house decor!

All the bits (and pieces) belong in your home decor! From a great art addition to adorn your walls to a handy toilet paper holder, there is a place for recycled bits in every room. 

Framed Art

Framed bit art. Photo courtesy Blog.CastleAndCliff.comvia Pinterest.

Wether you dig a bit out of your discarded tack box or you find one at a local yard or tack sale, these pieces of hardware are truly a work of art! Use recycled frames and a little burlap to add an equine aesthetic to your walls.

Towel Holders

Horse bit tea towel holders. Photo courtesy via Pinterest.

Give that collection of horse-y dish towels an equally equine holder. Fold simple snaffles in half and hook your towels through. Simple, yet the perfect addition to your farm home.  

Bath Room Paper Holders

Horse bit toilet paper holder. Photo courtesy Pinterest.

We all know this is the most important paper in the house. Even the toilet paper deserves a fancy holder. Use those old shank bit and a wooden rod to give your most important paper a rotating horse-y holder.

Curtain Holder

Bit curtain holders. Photo courtesy Pinterest.

Now you can use a bit to hold your horses and your curtains. Tie up your cute home curtains with a bit and a small piece of leather. 

Pillow Cover

Horse bit throw pillow. Photo courtesy via Pinterest.

Although not a comfortable pillow made for sitting, this bitted throw is the perfect tack addition to your couch or chair. And easy DIY to any pillow, just grad a little ribbon and a bit and make your pillows unique!