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Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout……

Cold weather and rainy days are already here for many! That means it’s time to consider buying a blanket or sheet for your horse. First, check your inventory and see what still fits. If you need to purchase a new one, then these printed options are super fun!

The colors of this one are so dreamy! It’s like a beautiful night sky with glowing stars.

Rugged Ride Daisy 1200 Denier Turnout Sheet, $69.99, Chick’s Discount Saddlery

Here’s to some lovely daisy flowers! This sheet would look great on a pretty mare.

These little snowmen are too cute. This option is perfect for those snowy, cold days!

Hey cowgirls, this is for those western horses and ponies.

Rugged Ride Butterflies 1200 Denier Turnout Sheet, $64.99, Chick’s Discount Saddlery

Girly yet adorable, this horse blanket is covered in beautiful butterflies and flowers. How sweet!

There are so many fun sheets and blankets available! Which print will you choose?