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Photo by: Equiluxe Tack……

The weather has taken a turn in most areas. It has gotten cold! If you plan on blanketing your horse, then it’s time to get them fitted for one. On your hunt for the perfect turnout or stable blanket, consider these adorable options by Equiluxe. They have the cutest patterns from unicorns and dinosaurs to monkeys and watermelons. Their prints have bold and fun colors!

Patterned Horse Blankets

Check out this rainbow cheetah! It definitely has Lisa Frank vibes.

That unicorn pattern is to die for! Don’t worry it comes in mini and full horse size.

Donuts, watermelons, and monkey prints can you believe your eyes?!? Let your inner child out with these designs.

A beautiful pastel color palette and heart designs make this blanket a must have for your mare.

Dinosaurs are perfect for a sassy mare or rowdy gelding. The vibrant colors really make this option stand out!

Ditch your plain navy or black blankets for one of these flashy beauties!