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What better way to spent quality time together as a family than a game night? Board games can be so much fun! Add horses to the mix and you’re in for a real treat. There are quite a few board games that include horses and all things Western. You and your family will have a blast!

Horse-opoly, $17.29, Amazon

A classic, this horse version of monopoly is perfect for all equestrians. You can collect the different breeds and build stables.

Great for younger kids, this Spirit-inspired game will have everyone laughing. Watch as he gobbles up those yummy apples!

Fantasy Ranch, $56.00, Amazon

Build your dream stables with Fantasy Ranch. 2-4 players can enjoy the twists and turns of this exciting game.

Who doesn’t love tic tac toe?! This horse version is sure to get everyone excited!

Racing ‘N Rodeo, $39.25, Amazon

Here’s a fun one for older kids and adults! Compete against each other in barrel racing, horse racing, and steeplechase.

Little ones will love this unicorn Candy Land! It’s so magical.

It doesn’t matter how old you are… Game night never gets boring!