Cowgirl - Boarding

Cowgirl - Boarding

Many horse owners choose to board their horses. This could be because they do not have enough land or a barn, they want to utilize the resources of a boarding barn, or they’re unwilling to complete the daily care of a horse. These facilities can be great places to have riding buddies, take lessons with trainers, and have amenities like wash stalls and indoor arenas. If you have decided to board you horse, it is wise to take a look at a few options that are available in horse boarding.

Self-care Board

This is for the hands-on horse owner. They are basically given a stall and/or pasture for their horse, but that’s it. They must provide the daily care. This will include purchasing hay, bedding, grain, and anything else desired. These horse owners will have to arrange to be there for the farrier and vet. While this option is a lot more work, your monthly payment will be less and you’ll get to ensure your horse receives the care you want.

Partial Board

The horse owner and stable manager can decide on what works best, but usually partial board or semi board includes a stall, pasture, hay, bedding, and grain. The horse owner would need to complete the daily care of the horse to include feeding and stall cleaning. In other cases, the owner just needs to clean the stall, but the stable manager feeds and turns out. And yet another option, the horse owner provides hay and grain and the manager provides the care. Depending on the amount of work and supplies provided, this can be a more affordable option.

Pasture Board

This option works great for those on a budget or when a stall isn’t necessary. Horse owners are provided a turnout space with a run in. Their horse is usually fed grain outside and provided hay when needed. The stable manager looks after the horse and provides the supplies.

Full Care

Full care arrangements are great for those with a busy schedule. Your horse is provided hay, grain, and bedding. His care will be completed for you. This option can be expensive, but require a lot less of your time. Many barns will only offer full care. It is important to read the boarding contract and see what it entails. Some horse owners may request grooming, blanketing, and other extra services.

Depending on your budget and availability, you can choose something that works best for you and your horse. Some barns are more flexible on what they offer, while others are less yielding. Visit a few barns before making your decision and make sure to know what is required of you.