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It’s hard to imagine there’s a horse breed for nearly every letter of the alphabet. There are over two hundred horse breeds scattered throughout most of the world. If you’re interested in learning about some you’ve never heard about before, start here! This list only consists of a handful of the breeds compared to what actually exist, but it shows off some of the more unusual ones. A-Akhal-Teke B-Breton C-Camargue D-Dales Pony E-Estonian Native Horse F-Falabella G-Gidran H-Hackney I-Icelandic Horse J-Jutland K-Knabstrup L-Lipizzaner M-Mecklenburger N-Noriker O-Orlov Trotter P-Peruvian Paso Q-Quarter Horse R-Russian Don S-Shire Horse T-Tarpan U-Ukrainian Riding Horse V-Virginia Highlander W-Westphalian X-None known Y-Yonaguni Z-Zweibrucken There’s quite a few interesting breeds in the mix. Have you heard of all of them?