Day to day living can be stressful for your modern horse. You may be wondering how to keep them calm through farrier and vet appointments, weekend trailer trips, and even intense riding lessons. Your solution is simple and all-natural. Every barn needs a little glass bottle of this stuff!

What’s the magic secret?

Lavender, it’s that easy! Aromatherapy is a great option for reducing stress in horses (and riders). Traditional tranquilizers can be dangerous and have long-lasting effects. Lavender oil, on the other hand, is gentle and has more precise results.

You can put a few drops of the essential oil on your hand and allow your horse to smell it. No diffuser necessary!

Ann Baldwin, UA professor of physiology and psychology, had her students study the effects of aromatherapy on a horse’s heart rate and heart rate variability. She put together a group of nine dressage horses of varying ages and breeds. Lavender was held at the nose of each horse. A monitor tracked their heart rate and heart rate variability for 21 minutes total.

While the heart rate didn’t change, she did notice something else. The parasympathetic component of heart rate variability was altered. Basically, she identified an increase in relaxation. The behavior of the horses also supported this with their head lowering and their mouth chewing. However, once the lavender was taken away, the effects stopped.

A sniff of lavender is proven to help your horse relax. The next time your horse begins to panic, pull out this little secret and get them calm quicker!

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