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If you enjoy trail riding, then you’ll love horse camping. Some go on a single overnight adventure, while others have multi-day trips. It’s a great way to get out into nature and experience different areas. There’s a bunch of ways to go about it, so definitely do some pre-planning before you set off.

Horse Camping Tips

  1. Choose a horse-friendly campsite. First, make sure to select an overnight campground that allows horses. You don’t want to break any rules! Ideally, the place should have grazing land and water.
  2. Determine how to contain your horse. Some horse hotels offer rentable stables and corrals. If you want to be a bit more rustic, you can bring portable corrals or highline your horse.
  3. Ensure your horse is ready. They should have some experience on the trails and with highlining before you do an overnight trip. Practice these skills at home and have them mastered.
  4. Pack the right supplies. You’ll need a list of both horse and people equipment. Your horse might benefit from hobbles for grazing, a collapsible water bucket, lead ropes, etc… For yourself, bring the right clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, and a first-aid kit.
  5. Get your trailer and vehicle ready. It’s a good idea to have your truck serviced before the trip. Your trailer should also be inspected and cleaned. A GPS unit can be helpful, but map the directions ahead of time to save yourself headaches.

It can be smart to travel with experienced campers on your first overnight trip. With some planning, you’ll have a great time!