Santa Claus is coming to town! Get into the holiday spirit by having some Christmas fun at the barn. Dress your horse up and pull out the cameras. You can turn your horse into an elf or Santa with a matching halter, reins, quarter sheet, leg wraps, and more. It doesn’t get more fun than this!

Holiday collection for your horse.
1. Holiday Santa 2 Piece Rein Covers, $10.95;

Great for pony rides, parades, photo shoots, and winter shows! These felt and fleece rein covers are easy to attach. The little pom poms are too cute!

2. Holiday Elf 3 Piece Halter Set, $9.31;

How amazing is this halter set? It can be a lot of fun bringing Christmas into the barn!

3. Holiday Santa Quarter Sheet, $25.40;

The perfect addition to your horse’s elf or Santa costume. This quarter sheet can be used with English or western saddles. The chest strap attaches easily.

4. Holiday Elf 4 Piece Leg Wraps, $19.45;

Your holiday spirit is in full gear now! Leg wraps are a nice touch. They’re easy to attach with “quick grip” fasteners.

5. Holiday Santa Horse Hat, $9.25;

No Santa costume is complete without the hat.

How fun would it be to plan an entire photo shoot with garland, bells, and a sled? Christmas is such a joyful time of year. Make the most out of it at the barn!