Temperatures keep rising! Horse owners need to take special care to keep their horse cool in the summer time. With a few easy precautions, you can make sure your horse isn’t at jeopardy for heat stress. You want to keep them as comfortable as possible through these hot and humid months.

Try These Tips for Keeping Your Horse Cool!

In the Saddle

  • Easier and shorter rides are better in the heat
  • Stay out of the sun by riding on the trails
  • Use a lightweight saddle pad that is breathable
  • Give your horse a hose down or sponge bath after riding. Focus on their chest, neck, and between their legs

Turning Out or Staying In

  • Consider stabling during the day and turning out at night
  • Use a fan if kept in a stall
  • Make sure your field has some relief from the sun if turning out 24/7
  • Keep the flies under control
  • Offer fresh water at all times
  • Consider an electrolyte if your horse isn’t drinking much
  • Watch out for sunburn on light-colored horses

Miscellaneous Ideas

  • Clip horses that struggle to shed their coat
  • Keep an eye on your horse for heat stress
  • Know your horse’s vital signs and monitor them

The heat can be very hard on your horse, but with the proper steps you can help them stay cool and manage this weather.

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