"Cowgirl Magazine" - Horse Crazy

You know that person, the one that lives and breathes horses. Maybe you’re that horse crazy cowgirl. From your bedroom to your car to the actual barn, everyone just knows your love for these magnificent animals. You’ve been bitten by the horse bug and the only thing that suppresses the symptoms are being with your best friend, which is your horse of course.

Your Home

From the décor in your bedroom to the movies you watch being horse crazy isn’t reserved for just the barn.

  • Do you have horse pictures on the walls?
  • How about ribbons and trophies to show all your hard work?
  • Any horse blankets or comforters?
  • Time to step it up, how about horse ornaments, curtains, flags, or even salt/pepper shakers?
  • Do you have riding clothes or shirts with horses?
  • What’s that bookcase looking like?
  • A true cowgirl has a huge horse movie collection!

The Barn

Whether you have a horse or not, you can still be horse crazy at the barn.

  • Do you arrive extra early to lessons?
  • Have you offered to clean stalls for more riding time?
  • Is grooming fun to you?
  • Do you know everyone at the barn because you’re there so much?
  • Is the barn owner like family?
  • Is your horse always looking his best because of the time you spend with him?
  • How much tack do you have?


When you’re not home or at the barn, people still recognize you as horse crazy!

  • Does your car have tack, hay, and mud from the barn?
  • Do you regularly wear riding clothes in stores?
  • Is the tack store your favorite place to shop?
  • Are you constantly daydreaming about your horse?
  • Do your goals always revolve around horses?
  • For the really crazy…do you work with them?

Cowgirls, I know what it’s like! They’re your everything and then some. How many of these questions can you answer to prove how horse crazy you are?