Most owners try to make their horse as comfort and happy as possible. Over the years, you’re likely to discover a few likes and dislikes. Some can be avoided and others can’t. The important thing is to know what sets your horse off, so you can be ready for their reaction.

Top Dislikes By Most Horses

1. Foreign objects and sounds: This dislike can’t always be avoided and shouldn’t be. It’s a good idea to expose your horse to new objects and sounds, but make sure you’re ready for their reaction. They may enter ‘fight or flight’ mode.

2. Poorly fitted tack: This definitely is avoidable! Only purchase high-quality tack that is fitted properly. It can actually hurt your horse if you don’t. Some horses will buck, rear, and become impossible to tack up.

3. Over-training: Be wry of over-working your horse. They need breaks just like me and you. It can take a toll on them mentally and physically.

4. Aggressive training methods: Most horses respond better to an assertive and patient handler, rather than an aggressive bully.

5. Boredom: Your horse may express boredom by developing vices like stall weaving or cribbing. Most enjoy regular turnout, a companion, and exercise. Even a simple horse toy can entertain them for a little bit.

Work with your horse to create an environment that they enjoy.

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