Cowgirl - Documentary

Cowgirl - Documentaries

For one reason or another these horses and their handlers have made an impact in history. These top five documentaries show the exciting life of some of the greatest horsemen and horses out there! You’ll be taken on adventures ranging from racehorses to wild horses and everything in-between. Sit back and grab some popcorn!

1) Buck (2011): Buck Brannaman, a famous horse trainer, takes you on a journey of his life and how he became a ‘horse whisperer’. It starts with his abusive childhood and ends with how well-known he is in the horse industry.

2) Harry & Snowman (2015): This exciting story details the life of an immigrant and the amazing slaughter-bound horse he rescued.

3) Wild Horse, Wild Ride (2011): Follow the 100-day challenge that a handful of horsemen (& women) take when they volunteer to train and compete with a wild mustang for a Texas competition.

4) Dark Horse (2015): A group of friends set out to breed for an amazing racehorse.

5) Unbranded (2015): Four men, fresh out of college, set out with the dream to ride from Mexico to Canada with 16 Mustang horses. Experience the American West while falling in love with Mustangs.

These documentaries are sure to delight and excite all types of audiences. Equestrians will get a real inside look at some of the greatest horse stories out there!