It’s not a secret that owning a horse can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to create a budget. Being financially responsible means knowing what your expenses are and where your money is going! The best way to do that is a spreadsheet or utilizing an app.

Your Horse’s Budget

When creating a budget, you have three main options…

  1. Create a handwritten expense sheet in a notebook or binder.
  2. Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or something similar.
  3. Lastly, download an app that displays your expenses and helps you monitor them.

Each have their own pros and cons, so choose which one works best for your lifestyle. The main goal is to have all of your horse’s expenses listed and updated each month. Check out this sample spreadsheet for guidance.

Your horse’s expenses may look slightly different, depending on if you board, show, and if your horse requires special maintenance.

In your budget, include every expense your horse has. They may not be every month like dental care, but still include it. At the end of the year, add up your monthly amounts to get the grand total. It will be interesting to know how much your horse costs yearly. This will also help you identify where you’re spending the most.

Ultimately, staying organized with an expense sheet will help you plan for the future! You’ll know how much you need on a monthly and yearly basis.