goats cowgirl magazine
How cute are those faces!……

If you love all things cute and silly, then goats are the perfect animal for you! They’re known for their adorable looks and comical behavior. Your horse farm can actually benefit from the addition of these cuties.

Benefits of Goats

  1. They can offer companionship to a lonely horse. Some horses even like to share their stall with one. They’re popular with racehorses!
  2. Goats enjoy eating weeds. They’ll clean up your property and leave the grass for the horses.
  3. Some make great family dairy animals. There’s nothing like fresh raw milk.
  4. Others breeds are used for meat or their fiber (mohair and cashmere).
  5. Horses and goats don’t share the same communicable disease.
  6. They’re entertaining for children and adults to watch.
  7. You can sell the kids (baby goats) for a small profit. They usually have more than one at a time!
  8. They require less food than larger livestock like cows and horses.
  9. Goats can be shown in 4-H and at fairs. That’s a fun hobby to get the whole family involved in!
  10. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. There’s smaller ones like Nigerian Dwarfs and larger breeds like Nubians.

Who’s ready to add one of these to your farm? Best decision ever!