This Massey Ferguson can cut your workload in half. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Most horse farms could benefit from a subcompact tractor, also known as hobby tractors. These smaller tractors are perfect for the average farm. They’re easy to store and can power through most tasks in a breeze. Save your muscles and use one of the many attachments. These benefits will definitely prove a tractor’s worth!

1. Quickly clean stalls: Subcompact tractors can easily fit inside a barn. You can dump the manure from stalls in a front bucket or in a cart or spreader attached to the back. There’s no need to run back and forth to the manure pile when you can just make one trip. It also allows you to keep manure further from the barn.

2. Spread manure easily: If you invest in a manure spreader, you can eliminate a growing pile by scattering the manure and bedding throughout the field. That’ll cut down on flies and help your pastures regrow.

3. Mow pastures: A bush hog can tackle large fields with no problem. Smaller jobs can be completed with a mid-mount mower attachment. Your farm will be looking pristine in no time.

4. Haul hay & feed around: Forget the wheelbarrow! You can load up the front bucket and haul bags of feed or a few bales of hay. It will even come in handy when cleaning up pastures and hauling fallen trees.

5. Drag your arenas: Get excellent footing by dragging your riding arenas. You can ensure it’s not too thick or thin in certain areas.

6. Snow removal: A plow can be attached to clear driveways when snow decides to hit. In dry lots, snow can be pushed into one area so that the horses have a place to roam.

How would you use a tractor around the farm? I’m sure there’s a million and one ways!

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