PC: David Lewis

The only thing worse than an emergency is not being prepared for it! Every horse owner should have a first-aid kit at the barn. Horses are always getting into stuff, which can mean cuts, bumps, and bruises. Even a basic kit will help you handle the situation until your veterinary can make it out. Here are a few things you shouldn’t be without:

  1. Thermometer- A digital or mercury one will work just fine. Be careful and attach a string. It’s important to know whether your horse has a high temperature, especially when deciding if the vet is needed.
  2. Bandaging Material – Choose a product that is self-adhesive and will easily keep a stable wrap or dressing in place. Bandages like Vetrap come in tons of colors.
  3. Wound Cleaner- A wound wash such as a Betadine scrub will help rid dirt, bacteria, and any hair or bedding from the cut or puncture. These cleaning items prevent infections from settling in.
  4. Antiseptic Cream- To ensure the wound heals properly, medicated creams and ointments can be applied directly. They will keep out insects and dirt, while promoting the regrowth of damaged tissue.
  5. Gauze- Absorbent cotton or materials like gauze sponges go under the bandages. They help to absorb wound drainage and can also be used to clean cuts or apply ointments. 

These items will become extremely handy if you find yourself with a hurt horse. There are many other products that can help in times of an emergency. However, if you’re looking for a few good items to start your first-aid kit with these are the perfect choices!