Horse Flies

Horse flies are like no others! They can wreak havoc on a beautiful summer day. These blood-thirsty insects are 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches long and have brightly colored eyes with clear or solid wings. Their bites usually hurt much more than your average fly. So, what exactly can you do to control them? Find out!

Unlike a regular house fly, horse flies have mouth parts that cut and tear the skin to drawl blood. Their bites are extremely painful. These insects thrive in sunny, humid conditions, especially near bodies of water.

How can you get rid of horse flies?

  • Disposable fly traps
  • Homemade fly traps
  • Dish soap and vinegar spray around barn
  • Homemade fly sprays
  • Commercial fly repellents
  • Feed fly-control products
  • Put fly parasites in the manure pile
  • Keep animal clean
  • Powerful fan in run-ins
  • Keep manure away from the barn and fields
  • Remove stagnant water

In addition to these ideas, you can try to avoid them by leaving your horse in during the day and turning out at night. Products like fly masks and sheets can also be helpful. Be careful with sheets though, as the horse fly can get underneath them on occasion.

Unfortunately, summer is just one of those seasons with a lot of bugs. It can be hard on your horse! It’s important you try to reduce the amount of horse flies around your barn. This can make things a lot more pleasant for your horse.

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