Cowgirl - Frostbite

Cowgirl - Frostbite

February is no stranger to negative temperatures and snowy conditions. As a concerned horse owner, you might be wondering if your horse can get frostbite. He is a lot less likely to get frostbite compared to you. However, there is a few situations in which to exercise caution.

The average, healthy horse will not be at risk during extremely cold temperatures. If he is accustomed to turnout, you may continue to do so without worry. Candidates that are more at-risk include foals and those with insulin resistance or metabolic disease. Furthermore, those that are recovering from illness may not be able to handle extreme weather.

For the rare cases of frostbite, you may expect to see it on the tips of their ears or legs. The skin will become discolored.

Frostbitten areas should not be rubbed. A veterinarian will need to see the horse. They may decide to gradually restore the area with warm water. However, the best treatment is preventing it from happening in the first place.

As we continue through the winter season, it is important to keep a good eye on our horses. They may need extra attention during these cold days and nights.