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Grooming myths have been circulating the industry for decades it seems. Everyone has advice and tricks they love to share. Sometimes, their tips aren’t true or helpful at all. These myths get passed down without a second thought. Let’s clean out the grooming tote!

  1. A shiny horse is healthy, while a dull horse is unhealthy.

Though there can be truth in this, that’s not always the case. There are many products on the market that can create an artificial shine. These unnatural shampoos and sprays can cause their mane, tail, and coat to glisten. A naturally shiny coat starts with the inside and takes a lot of currying, not artificial product. Additionally, winter and mud can really dull a coat. That doesn’t mean these horses aren’t healthy though!

2. Horses don’t feel pain when you pull their mane.

There are nerves connected to each hair follicle. When you pull their mane you’re essentially removing it from the follicle and root. Some horses react and others don’t, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it.

3. It’s safe to use horse polish frequently.

You could be drying out your horse’s hooves with this product, so be very careful! Some contain acetone, also found in fingernail polish remover. It can leave nails and hooves brittle and dry. Generally, horse hooves are better left natural. Too much polish and moisturizer can really throw them off.

4. Horses don’t need their whiskers.

It many cases it’s totally fine to shave their whiskers. Most horses manage without them, but let’s not forget their purpose… These whiskers act as a sensory guide and help your horse feel their immediate environment. While they can adapt to life without them, it’s unnatural. Some things are better left alone!

5. It’s okay to use laundry detergent on your horse’s tail.

This household product has drying properties that can leave their hair brittle and dull. Ultimately, that allows even more stains to set in.

Be careful you don’t fall for these grooming myths!