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Who doesn’t want to work less and save more money? You can make your barn life a whole lot easier with a few simple hacks. These tips and tricks will help you save money and time. You’ll be able to do more of the things you enjoy like riding! This list is especially helpful in summer.

Popular Horse Hacks for this Summer

1. Get yourself some baby wipes. They can be used to clean your horse, tack and even your own hands. If they dry out, add some water to restore them.

2. Use your old tall socks with the toes cut as fly protection. They can go right over your horse’s hooves and up their legs.

3. Entertain your horse by cutting up apples and putting them in their water trough. You’ve just created a game of bobbing for apples!

4. Need to ice your horse’s leg down? Freeze some ice pops, wrap them around your horse’s leg and bandage them up!

5. If you have a horse that likes to chew on wood, try rubbing a bar of soap on the surface. It will discourage them.

6. White vinegar is great for removing soap suds and leaving a shine. Use it as a rinse after you shampoo your horse.

7. Wear a bandana under your helmet to collect sweat and keep your hair smooth.

8. Shorten your horse’s mane with an old clipper blade.

9. Attach a scrub brush to your water bucket with baling twine. You’ll never forget to clean it now!

10. A dish brush with a soap dispenser in the handle makes it easier to clean your horse’s legs during bath time.

11. Panty liners can be used as horse-sized bandaids.

12. Put tennis balls on the ends of your cross-ties to prevent banging sounds.

13. Dryer sheets can be used around the barn to repel mice and flies.

14. A pool skimmer is great for cleaning water troughs.

15. Keep some horse-safe baby food (apples, carrots, etc…) around for helping your horse take medicine.

Have you tried any of these? Make sure to share your favorite ones!

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