If you’re on the prowl for some interesting ways to make barn life easier, you should check out these simple and practical equestrian hacks. They can be extremely helpful with grooming, tack, and barn upkeep. Most just require the use of everyday items you can find around the house. Here’s the top 15 horse hacks you should use!

1) A shower cap can be used to soak your horse’s hoof. Great for treating abscesses or infections!

2) Wrap freeze pops around your horse’s leg and cover them with a bandage to ice the lower tendons.

3) Use a new kitty litter scooper to remove ice chucks from water buckets in the winter.

4) Vet wrap is great for making surfaces non-slippery. Wrap it around blanket bars, brooms, and pitchforks.

5) Putting ketchup in your horse’s white tail can help remove stains.

6) Cut pool noodles and put them in tall boots to keep them upright.

7) Fake flowers from the dollar store can be used in the arena for jumps and trail obstacles.

8) Microfiber car mitts are perfect for quick grooming or tack cleaning to remove dust and grime.

9) A piece of duct tape on your horse’s nose can help him stand still during farrier appointments, grooming, etc…

10) Garden aprons are great for grooming. They allow brushes to stay close by.

11) Stop wood chewing by rubbing a bar of soap, such as Irish Spring, on the surface.

12) Place tennis balls above the snaps of cross ties, so when you drop them they don’t bang on the walls.

13) An old tire rim can act as a great hose holder.

14) Baby wipes are perfect for removing dust and dirt right before entering the show ring.

15) Baby powder on your horse’s white legs can hide stains and give a cleaner look.

These great horse hacks will save you so much trouble around the barn. Do you have any ideas not listed? Please share!