Unfortunately, most riders and trainers have experience an accident or two. Because of their size, horses are able to hurt their owners both intentionally and by mistake. They spook, get angry, feel playful and experience a bunch of other emotions that cause them to lash out at whatever is nearby. It could be another horse or it could be you! That’s why safe handling is essential.

How Can Horses Hurt You?

1. A Bite: Horses lash out with their teeth when they’re in pain, frustrated, angry, or impatient. It could be over a treat or when you cinch them up! It’s hard to say what would cause your individual horse to bite, but it is a good idea to be careful when you’re near their head.

2. A Kick: Similar to biting, horses may kick out when frustrated or in pain. Some lash out because flies are biting. It’s a good idea to be extra careful when walking around the front and back of your horse.

3. Getting Stepped On: Horses weigh a lot! No one wants to get stepped on. It can bruise or even fracture your foot. Watch where your horse’s feet are, especially when picking them out.

4. Fall Off: Nearly everyone falls off a horse at least once! Some falls are a lot worse than others.

5. Dragged: A horse can bolt both under saddle or on the ground. If you’re leading them, you might get tied up in the rope and dragged. Under saddle, a rider may fall and get hung up in the stirrups.

6. Pushed Over: Some disrespectful horses may bump into you and knock you over when spooked or excited.

7. Run Into Things: Have you ever been on a trail ride where the horse runs your leg into a tree? That hurts! Some horses will also push your leg into the side of the arena.

Some good advice is to stay alert when working with horses. Watch their behavior and body movements! You might be able to avoid getting hurt.

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