You can help advance your horse’s training with a few tips!

Are you and your horse stuck in a training rut? The secret to training is understanding how to communicate with your horse. Try these seven approaches during your training sessions and you’ll have a new horse!

1. Be clear and consistent: Your aids need to always be exact. If you make a kissing sound when you want the canter, don’t start clucking instead. Your horse needs to know what your cues mean.

2. Consider your expectations: Are you asking too much too soon? You’ll set yourself up for failure if you don’t consider your horse’s natural ability and mindset. Establish obtainable goals to complete in a realistic time frame.

3. Know when to quit: If you’re not getting the desired response, it might be time to take a step back and try something your horse knows. Baby steps are key in training.

4. Motivate with rewards: There’s quite a few different ways to praise your horse. It could be as simple as releasing pressure when your horse performs a movement correctly.

5. Cross-training can be helpful: Training can happen in and out of the arena! Go on a trail ride or do some groundwork.

6. Don’t punish: Horses don’t learn well when being punished. Avoid yelling, hitting, or becoming overly aggressive with your horse.

7. Have patience and love: Treat your horse as a partner. Take time to bond with them and show your commitment.

Training your horse doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to success!