Take it from horse experts who have witnessed far too much…mistakes can be costly and dangerous. Cowgirls, you don’t want to learn these lessons the hard way!

1. Don’t lead your horse by walking in front of them. The correct position to maintain is slightly in front of their shoulder. When you allow your horse to trail behind you, it just takes one spook for an accident to occur.

2. While some choose to leave halters on their horses when they’re turned out, this is highly dangerous and should be avoided.

3. Be careful where and how you tie your horse. Never tie them up with their bridle and reins. Furthermore, always use a quick release knot or cross ties with panic snaps.

4. Fourthly, never play the wait and see game. If your horse is off or acting funny, contact a vet immediately. What may appear minor could actually be life-threatening.

5. Next, avoid self-treating your horse without having a proper diagnoses. You may think you have it figured out, but if you’re wrong you could cause more harm!

6. Don’t use tack that’s too big or small. Everything that goes on your horse should be well-fitted to them.

7. It may seem like a common-sense lesson, but far too often riders neglect to wear a helmet. I’m sure you’ve heard your fair-share of horror stories. Don’t be the next one!

From one horse rider to another, you definitely don’t want to make these mistakes!