You probably already know how special horse ownership is, but did you know it could help you live longer? Pets have been known to be beneficial to people’s health and well-being. Recently, information has begun surfacing that horse ownership can extend the life of women by 15 years. While it’s hard to say how valid this information is, it does make complete sense, and here’s why!

Time Spent Outside

Riders spend a lot of time outdoors. In one study, researchers found that being outside can considerably lower cortisol (a stress-related hormone). It has also been known to reduce inflammation in the body, improve short-term memory, eliminate fatigue, and fight depression. You can also experience lower blood pressure. There’s nothing like the sunshine on your face and a horse grazing next to you.

Always Moving Around

Barn life can be a huge workout. It consists of rising early and feeding, cleaning stalls, riding, mending fences, moving hay, filling water buckets, and so much more! Even light exercise has been proven to help you live longer. It raises healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduces unhealthy LDL cholesterol according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Social Interaction

There’s no one like your barn buddies! Studies show that having close friends can extend your life. I’m not talking about your Facebook friends, rather the type of friends that will stay up with you all night because of a colic case or drive with you across states to see a horse for sale.

There’s nothing quite like pet ownership. While most studies are observational, it does seems pretty clear…horses are definitely worth having in your life. What do you think? Do horses help people live longer?